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Who We Are

Be Green Packaging manufactures award-winning compostable, biodegradable and recyclable food packaging.  Our eco friendly food service line is perfect for small businesses & restaurants.

Be Green Packaging is a triple bottom line company dedicated to people, planet and profit. This philosophy is embedded in our mission, our goals and in how we measure our success. At Be Green Packaging, we strive to uphold the highest green standards to ensure product quality and performance. We also consider it a priority to maintain a beneficial presence in our local and global communities. We believe our Eco-Social commitments set us apart from our competition and help build a strong foundation for our relationships with our customers, our employees and the community at large.

What We Do

Be Green Packaging designs and manufactures high quality compostable and recyclable packaging from annually renewable, wild harvested plant fibers.  Our complete line of products is tree free, GMO free, gluten free and Cradle to Cradle certified.

Durable & Functional

Our packaging can handle just about anything.   Freezer safe, oven safe, microwave safe, and, most importantly, safe for the planet.

Our Commitment to People and the Planet

Be Green's foodservice line is backed up by rigorous testing and certification from the following organizations:

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