Top 10 Ways to Be Green

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Importance of Going Green

If there is a time when mankind has been conscious about the effects of his behavior on the environment, it is now. We are increasingly becoming aware of the detriment that our actions may have on generations to come, which has led to increased vigilance in conserving the earth and its resources. One way of doing this is by incorporating different ways to be green.

Guidelines for Going Green on a Budget

Going green does not have to be a complete overhaul of your life with a substantial dent in your finances. In essence, it incorporates easy ways to be green, which you can apply every day.

1. Reduce the amount of electricity that you use on a daily basis. We often leave lights on when there is nobody in the room and this places an increased demand on energy output, which in turn increases pollution. By turning off the lights when we do not need them, we help to reduce the pollution of our environment.

2. Using less water is also one of the ways to be green on a budget. This is because its waste results in an increased level of stress exerted on the power grid in order to reprocess the water. By closing the tap when we are done, or pouring the water we need to brush our teeth into a cup as opposed to leaving it running, we reduce the amount of energy used by the power grid.

3. Use recyclable and eco-friendly food packaging, such as those available in our store.

4. Buy organic foods as much as possible. Organic foods are not only good for your health, but their use also reduces the need to process foods and effectively saves energy, making it one of the easy ways to be green.

5. Carpooling, cycling or walking over short distances also ensures that less gas emissions are released into the atmosphere.

6. People are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of solar energy both for commercial and residential use. Using solar energy is one of the great and easy ways to be green since the sun is a natural source of energy that cannot be depleted and which does not require further processing. Besides this, there is enough of it to go around!

7. Reducing the amount of paper we use is also a great way to go green. While we may not be ready to go completely paperless yet, writing a grocery list doesn't necessarily require a fresh sheet of paper.

8. Buy a re-usable container in which to carry drinking water when you need to, as opposed to continually buying bottled water, which leads to a lot of container waste.

9. Replace your regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, which help to save energy as they use less power.

10. Turning down the thermostat during the winter and a few degrees higher during the summer is also among the top 10 ways to be green as it helps to conserve energy.

In conclusion, even though most of these tips may seem to have little effect, the truth is that just as pollution starts with you as an individual, so does going green. Every day-to-day action aimed at the conservation of resources and preservation of the earth therefore has a huge impact. Imagine what the world would be like if we each played our part.


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