Eco Friendly Food Containers: The Newest Trend in the Food Industry

Green living is continuing to grow in popularity. While various individuals have already made collective efforts to practice a green lifestyle, different companies have also come up with their own initiatives to promote environmental conservation. One industry that is seeing a huge change towards being green is the food industry, with one of the fastest growing trends being the use of eco friendly food containers. Grocery stores, for instance, now consider these products to be the best food containers for takeout because of their benefits to not only the environment, but also to consumers.

Benefits to People and to the Environment

  1. Eco friendly containers are biodegradable, so they don’t pollute the environment. They’re made from recyclable plant fibers that decompose naturally in environments such as landfills. Unlike plastic, which is non-biodegradable and produces harmful compounds when recycled, eco friendly containers are completely harmless to the Earth.
  2. These containers are made using recyclable materials, so the Earth’s resources are preserved. While plastic containers are made from petroleum-based compounds (resources that are fast depleting), eco friendly food containers are made using natural fibers from plants like bulrush and bamboo. These are renewable materials and are therefore friendly to the Earth.
  3. These containers are crafted from natural materials without using toxic chemicals, so they’re completely safe and are not hazardous to people. Unlike plastic, which may contain harmful chemicals such as Bisphenol A (a compound linked to breast and prostate cancer), eco friendly containers are safe because their main composition is natural. It’s little wonder these products are considered to be the best food containers available. 

Benefits to Businesses

  1. The use of eco friendly containers can place a company at the front when it comes to being green, improving its relationship to its community and to all consumers. Various states have already banned the use of plastic bags, and it won’t be long until a ban on the use of plastic containers is imposed. By shifting to the use of eco friendly containers as early as possible, businesses can be one step ahead of their competition.
  2. The use of eco friendly containers can improve a company’s reputation and attract more clients. Many individuals are already practicing a green lifestyle, and their numbers are increasing. By using eco friendly containers now while many companies still use plastic, business can start to build a name in the green industry and create a good reputation that will surely pay off in the future.
  3. Replacing a company’s traditional containers with the eco friendly variety results in less company waste. Businesses spend money for the disposal of their plastic waste, which in turn consumes company resources. By choosing eco friendly containers, both company waste and its associated expenses can be reduced.

The Different Types of Eco Friendly Containers

Eco friendly, biodegradable food containers come in many varieties—trays, bowls, plates and more. They’re available in different sizes, with or without lids. They’re also offered in natural and earth colors that make them stand out from other containers. And although they are made from plant fibers, they’re extremely durable and safe for use in ovens and freezers. So if you’re looking for the best food containers, eco friendly food containers are the clear choice.

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