Top 5 Most Eco Friendly Celebrities of 2013

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Long gone are the days when being eco friendly is a hobby of so-called hippies. These days, everybody is “going green,” from suburban families to A-list celebrities.

People all over are doing things like switching to reusable bags, buying used, driving hybrids and reducing water usage. The list of small actions people can take to go green is extensive.

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Today, many celebrities have embraced going green. Many of them have chosen to go big because they know that if people see them doing it, they will follow suit. In addition, eco friendly celebrities have financial resources to invest in emerging technologies, which eventually leads to the technology being affordable for everybody.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba was recently named as the Earth Hour Ambassador. Earth hour was co-founded by the WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature) and will take place on March 23, 2013 at 8:30 PM. She earned the honor due to her work as the co-founder of The Honest Company. The Honest Company has made eco-friendly, effective, safe, and affordable cleaning, bath/body and baby products available to consumers.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Affectionately known as “Leo,” he is often viewed as a leader among eco friendly celebrities. In 1998, he formed the Leonardo DiCaprio foundation to support environmental causes. His foundation works to protect a variety of humanitarian and environmental issues. Leo also serves on the board of the World Wildlife Fund, National Resources Defense Council, International Fund for Animal Welfare, and Global Green USA. He drives a hybrid car and lives in an eco friendly apartment in New York.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is passionate about helping people understand how and why they should go green. She hosted an MTV show called Trippin’ where she traveled across the US and encouraged eco friendly practices. Time Magazine declared her a hero of the environment in 2009. She contributed to a book called The Green Book. Cameron focuses on raising awareness and making going green doable for everyday people.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen is one of the most influential eco friendly celebrities because she is such a popular talk show host and public figure. Ellen’s primary focus is going vegan and helping people understand why going vegan is a good way to be eco-friendly. She even has a website dedicated to going vegan. In addition, she uses her show to spotlight eco friendly products, ways to go green, and tips for reducing personal environmental impact.

Jay-Z and Beyonce

This celebrity power couple does a lot to promote eco friendly awareness in the world. Jay-Z is heavily involved with the United Nations Water for Life initiative, an organization dedicated to providing clean water around the world. In addition, he and his wife own a restaurant in New York that uses local organic food and composts, and grows its own products whenever possible. In addition, he and his wife regularly make impressive donations to green causes.


There are thousands of eco friendly celebrities and leaders around the world that are doing amazing work on a daily basis to promote eco friendly causes. They are demonstrating what it means to “go green,” starting foundations dedicated to caring for the environment, and investing in technologies that we will all eventually use to reduce our impact on the planet.


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