Utility Trays

Biodegradable Utility Trays

Our line of Utility Trays are our best selling products -- just like the name implies, these utility trays can be used for just about anything from food to gifts to spare change.  Perfect for takeout, salad and hot food bars and full meals on the go, these all-around utility trays can be repurposed to fit your needs.
Like all Be Green Packaging products, they are made from a proprietary blend of plant fibers such as bulrush, bamboo and sugar cane.  They can be safely frozen, microwaved and heated in the oven, extending their range even further.  These trays are extremely popular with supermarkets and restaurants!
Show your customers you care about their wellbeing by using our truly sustainable line of plant fiber packaging.  Make sure to check out our line of eco-social certifications.

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